Pan Malaysia OA Mission

Brief History
The missionary pioneers to the OA were the Batak Christians from Sumatra, Indonesia. These tribal people were evangelized by the Rhenish Mission of Barmen, Germany. These Batak missionaries were financed and brought into Malaysia by the Methodists in the early 1930’s.
The Brethren involvement began in the early 1950’s through the efforts of J J Samuel of Kampar Gospel Hall ( KGH ). Through his medical help and evangelism the OA Brethren church started and Bah Mathias became the pioneer Senoi worker. KGH continued with the OA work until 1985. As the work has grown too challenging, it was passed on to Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall to oversee the work.
The Temerloh OA work in Pahang started from a house church at Bukit Rok, in 1984.
At the 1st Malaysian Assembly Leaders Conference on OA work in April 1990, the Assemblies decided to take over the work and then formed the Pan Malaysia Brethren OA Committee to oversee and manage the work. Later it was decided that the OA Committee should be accountable to the Klang Valley Assembly Elders Council for greater effectiveness.

Vision : Becoming a godly and Christ- centred , disciple- making OA church
Mission : To reach out to the OA community, to disciple the OA Christians to maturity and to equip them for service and missions.

Present Status
At present, the number of Full Time OA workers is 16 ( 12 in Perak and 4 in Pahang ), and Part Time Workers is 10 ( 6 in Perak, 4 in Pahang ), serving about 13 Sidang Injil Orang Asli (SIOA) churches in Perak , 19 in Pahang
With this growth the total annual operational expenses is about RM 600,000.

Plans for the future
For the years ahead, we will continue to strive to empower the OA to reach out to the OA communities in line with our emphasis to “ empower OA for OA works” . The process PMOAM follow consists of three approaches by empowering them for the following: 1. Evangelism and church planting 2. Education ( Spiritual and Academic ) 3. Economic enhancement and relief.

PMOAM Steering Committee : as shown in Organization Structure

Responsibilities of Steering Committee

  1. setting objectives and establishing goals , develop the means or methods to achieve them
    and provide guidance and direction
  2. evaluation : checking whether or not achievement or progress has been made towards the
    objectives and goals and if necessary, to make corrective actions
  3. appointment , employment and performance appraisal of Full Time Workers (FTW) and Part
    Time workers (PTW)
  4. appointment of speakers or teachers e.g. for youth and children’s camps, training / Bible
    teaching courses.
  5. selection of FTW and PTW for theological studies , conferences, ministry training / courses.
  6. communication or correspondence with external organisations, individuals, or churches.
  7. construction of new church buildings , renovations , maintenance
  8. purchase and maintenance of vehicles
  9. budget ,fund raising and financial accountability
  10. financial assistance for deserving or needy OA
  11. approval for exposure visits , mission trips , Bible teaching, conduct training or courses, carry
    out projects at OA churches by outsiders ( individuals, churches or organizations )
  12. encourage ministry partnerships by churches


  1. partnership by assemblies
  2. exposure & mission trips by assemblies
  3. special projects by assemblies
  4. welfare & social concerns
  5. tuition teachers from assemblies
  6. provision of school uniforms, books, shoes, bags etc
  7. youth & children’s camp
  8. provide assistance to improve the livelihood of OA

Gifts ( cash, cheque, online transfer ) to:
Pan Malaysia OA Mission

Public Bank Bhd A/C no 3192916101
Bandar Puchong Jaya Branch, Selangor.

Address / Contact
41-1, Jalan Bandar Enambelas, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
email:; Tel : 012-2221762 ( Ong Hock Chye )
25 March 2021

PMOAM Organization Chart