Assembly Fellowship Camp

The Assembly Fellowship Camp (AFC) is a national-level 4-day annual camp that aims to provide a platform for fellowship and mutual support, for personal fulfillment in obedience to God’s Will and God’s Word, for all Christians. While the camp started out with a distinct focus on those who are living single lives for one reason or another, it has since broadened to include others as well including regulars who have gone on to get married. The camp also provides opportunities for campers to come together to get to know each other better not only for the development of inter-assembly friendship but also to foster better understanding and cooperation among assemblies as potential leaders of the future. The camp provides a healthy and congenial environment for like-minded saints to take a rest from work, to share and minister to one another as they study God’s Word, and to deal with matters of common interest.

The AFC had its beginning in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. Then the Central and Southern Regional Fellowship Camp followed suit in 1995. In 2003, the respective committees made a decision to combine the two camps to form the AFC for the whole of West Malaysia.

Now, the AFC is jointly run by a Northern Committee and a Central Committee, with the two committees working very closely and taking turns to helm the organization of the camp each year.

The office bearers of the AFC are as follows:
Central Committee
Chairman : Chong Hue Jin (Sungei Way Christian Church)
Secretary : Angeline Koay (Sri Damansara Gospel Centre)
Treasury : Diana Tan (Bandar Puchong Gospel Centre)
Member : David Cheah (Sri Damansara Gospel Centre)
Member : Khaw Guat Lin (Bandar Puchong Gospel Centre)
Advisors : Julius Evanson (Cheras Gospel Centre)

Northern Committee
Chairman : Wong Shih Shih (Island Glade Gospel Centre)
Secretary : Stephanie Phang (Sungei Nibong Gospel Hall)
Treasury : Debbie Choo (Sungei Nibong Gospel Hall)
Member : Wong Ee Ling (Sungei Ara Gospel Hall)
Member : Paul Yong (Sungei Ara Gospel Hall)
Member : Daniel Ong  (Sungei Nibong Gospel Hall)
Advisors : Lee Khai (Island Glade Gospel Centre)

Typically, each year, the camp is attended by about 50 campers from about 20 different assemblies, with the programme centering round Bible teaching, outings and opportunities to interact. It is held at various locations both in Malaysia and, sometimes, in a neighbouring country such as Thailand or Singapore.

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