GLO Training School


Equipping believers with the knowledge of God’s Word and ministry skills to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in the assemblies and mission field.


The need for a training school for the assemblies was conceived during the first Assembly Leaders’ Conference (ALC) in April 1990 held in HCC Cameron Highlands. In 1996, a training school for the assemblies commenced in the premises of Taiping Gospel Hall. The curriculum was based on the program of the GLO Training School in Tasmania and the staff of GLO Australia provided the principals and lecturers in the initial years. Over the years, many believers have gone through the full-time or part-time training programs and have returned to their respective assemblies better equipped for service while some have even gone on into full-time service locally and overseas. In 2005, the GLO Training School transferred its operations to the premises of Bidor Gospel Centre.

Programs Available

Level One course for school leavers: an intensive residential teaching programme coupled with skill-based training on important topics such as evangelism, follow up, and Sunday School work. Students will be given ample opportunities to apply the skills they learn as they participate in the activities of the local assembly during their 6-week stay in Bidor.

Regional courses held at local assemblies during weekends on selected topics of the assembly’s choice. These courses are conducted by experienced teachers who have taught at the GLO School and at the assemblies for years.

GLO Management Council

The school is managed by a Council consisting of the following: Lee Min Choon (chairman), Alistair King (secretary), Edward Low, Lee Kha Kooi, Alan Low, Cheah Huck Leong, Anthony Too, Philip Lim, Adrian Low and Edwin Yapp.

Contact Details

All inquiries may be channelled to Edwin Yapp (email: or tel: 016-2090900)