Emmaus Bible Centre

Mission Statement
ECS Ministries exist to teach and disseminate the Word of God through external education in the form of correspondence courses which are specially designed to be evangelical, educational and edifying in nature and consistent with the doctrinal statement of the assemblies.

To make Emmaus Bible Courses available to each and every member of our assemblies so that everyone can study the Word on a personal level. Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to use Emmaus courses to reach even many more in the coming weeks and months so that His great Commission can be fulfilled:
i) To preach the Gospel and make disciples
ii) To build up and to reach out

i) Set up book display at churches and various events such as conferences, bible camps and seminars. The courses are also distributed throughout the country via post.

ii) To correct test papers that are sent in by the students as well as grading them and
issuing certificate of completion.

Brief History
The Emmaus Bible courses were first introduced in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1950s primarily to the girls’ school affiliated to the present Jalan Imbi Chapel and our missionary, the late Mr. D A Angus together with his wife, Myra and Miss Gibson actively promoted these courses amongst the school girls.  These courses were very well used and made a significant impact in many girls’ lives resulting in their conversion to Christianity and growth in their faith.
With Mr. Angus’s home call in the 1970s, Mr. Yeoh Seang Wan together with Mr. Harry Wee took over the reins until Mr. Yeoh too was called home.  By then the language issue was in full swing, where the medium of instruction was changed to Malay language and the students became less and less proficient in English resulting in a sharp drop in the number of courses distributed. Another factor which contributed to the sharp drop was the lack of publicity.
In 2004 the Emmaus Bible Centre was placed under the umbrella of GLO (Gospel Literature Outreach) and a committee was set up to revive the availability of the courses through our own Assemblies throughout the country.  Thus in the beginning of 2006, the distribution centre was relocated to its current location in Jalan Imbi Chapel. In the year 2015 another small outlet was set up in Bandar Sungai Long Cheras. Both premises can be visited with appointments made only.
In 2013 the Emmaus work also undertook the distribution of Everyday Publication Courses from Canada. With this step the correspondence courses became complete with the Old Testament Series and other Doctrinal studies. In 2014 the Bible Education Services which offers many online material became a part of our Sunday School resources. In 2016 we then coordinated the Mailbox Club which for many years was handled by the Child Evangelism

For more info on ECS Emmaus Correspondence School, www.ecsministries.org

Everyday Publications , www.everydaypublications.org
Bible Education Services, www.besweb.com
CEF Mailbox Club, www.mailboxclub.org

Emmaus Bible Centre
154, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 011-3636 0984 ,Miss Chai Siew Lin
Email: emmaus_my@yahoo.com

Sungai Long Chapel
16 Jalan Seri Sungai Long 18
Bandar Sg. Long
43000 Kajang
Tel : 018-6633 609 ,Titus Chong