Highlands Christian Centre

It was the vision of the early pioneers to have a church building for worship and witness, a Mission House for Full–Time Workers and Christians to have a rest, and a Camp site for spiritual renewal of believers. In 1959, Mr. Sung Chiew Hoay, a pioneer of Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall, managed to secure a piece of land for the church. The Gospel Hall and Mission House were built in l962, nestled on top of a small hill within walking distance of Tanah Rata.
In l973 the building of Phase 1 of the HCC began with the building of 4 dormitories. By the grace of God, the generosity of the believers, the help of concerned Assemblies and the labour of love of the HCC Committee, the HCC was finally completed with 12 family rooms, 4 dormitories, a kitchen, dining hall, a small conference hall and a meeting room for camp officers. Since then the family rooms, dormitories and common facilities have been renovated to meet growing needs and expectations.

Fig: HCC on a hill viewed from a distance.

The Vision

  1. That HCC will be fully utilized
  2. That HCC will be a place of peace and blessing to many.
  3. That many will find God, be refreshed and be edified in their Christian life
  4. That HCC will have a spacious beautiful compound, tranquil surroundings with adequate facilities to meet growing needs and rising expectations
  5. That HCC will return to the time when it was able to contribute to the support of full-time workers, missions and other assembly projects from its income
Fig: New Mission House under construction at HCC.

Mission House
The old Mission House was a single storey Building situated adjacent to the Gospel Hall Cameron Highlands. Both the Church Building and the Old Mission House were built in 1962. Time took its toll on the old Mission House and the structure deteriorated with cracks on the walls and other defects to an extent where renovation was not economical and not feasible. The Assembly decided to rebuild the whole Mission House. The first application to rebuild the Mission House submitted to the Local Authority was rejected. After a few years of waiting and by God’s Mercy and Grace, the Plan of the second submission was approved on the 14th.December 2006. The actual construction of the New Mission House only started in the year 2008.
The main purpose of rebuilding the Mission House was for Churches, Believers and Christian Organizations from across Malaysia and Singapore to have access to a bigger and more comfortable Camp site apart from the Highland Christian Centre.
Through fervent prayer support, Offering and interest free loans from Assemblies around Malaysia and Singapore as well as individual Believers, the New Mission House has become a reality. It is an ideal place to carry out Bible Camps Retreats and Family trips while enjoying the cool air of the highlands and marveling at God’s wondrous creations.
Although during the process of construction, we encountered many disruptions and problems, with God’s Grace the building was finally completed. Finally with the help of Bro. Tiong Kian Boon from Malacca Gospel Chapel, CF for the building was obtained in 2014. In November 2014, the New Mission House started its operation.
At the moment, the New Mission House has the following facilities :

  1. 5 Twin sharing Rooms with attached bathroom.
  2. 1 unit of 3 rooms Apartment which can accommodate 15 persons.
  3. 1 unit of 2 rooms Apartment which can accommodate 9 persons.
  4. 1 unit of Male Dormitory for 12 persons
  5. 1 unit of Female Dormitory for 12 persons
  6. 1 unit of Attic Dormitory for 18 persons.
  7. A meeting Room with capacity for 50 – 60 persons, currently used by the Tamil Assembly.
  8. Meeting Hall / Dinning Hall with capacity for 60 – 70 persons.

Challenges and Future Plans

There are future plans to extend the floor of the current dining hall to the back to serve as a better cooking area. The current Dinning Hall will be extended to the kitchen which will increase the space for the Dining Hall. There is also the need to increase parking space. At the moment both Highland Christian Centre and Mission House is operated under one Management.
The Highland Christian Centre And Mission House Committee Members

The current Committee Members are all from Gospel Hall Cameron Highlands

Name Post

  1. Chiang Kay Cheong Chairman
  2. Low Kong Secretary
  3. K.Selvam A/L Kasimani Treasurer
  4. Cheok Hong Meng Committee Member
  5. Vijiyan A/L Ramankutty Committee Member
  6. Tang Chee Heng Committee Member
  7. Subramaniam A/L Kannan Committee Member
  8. Bobby Joshua A/L Kodimani Committee Member

Cameron Highlands is renowned for its cool and peaceful surroundings. The mountains, trees, flowers and fresh clean air make it an ideal place for rest and spiritual renewal for believers and their families; for Christian conferences, camps, and small group retreats. It is not opened to the general public.

Contact for Booking
Chiang Kay Cheong
Tel : 05-4914287 HP: 012 – 3265826,
Email: ckcheong28@gmail.com
Special off season rates at 50% discount on accommodation are available to enable more Christians to benefit from the HCC & Mission House.