Christian Brethren Education Board Trust


    Our Brethren missionaries founded Bukit Bintang Girls’ Schools in 1893 and our Bukit Bintang Boys’ Schools in 1957. These schools were managed and looked after by the assemblies closest to the schools – Jalan Imbi Chapel (BBGS) and Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall (BBBS). Other assemblies in the country also helped through prayerful support and occasional financial contributions as and when called upon to do so. Our Brethren schools though few were among the best in the country. Their Christian witness and impact on the nation and in our assemblies were incalculable.  

The girls’ schools ended their status as Mission Schools in 2000 whereas the boys’ schools in PJ Section 8 and Section 14 continued till today. Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall, The Life Chapel and SS Gospel Centre were the anchor assemblies looking after the BB Schools on behalf of CBMPTB which remained the legal custodian.

In 2010, the elders of the Anchor Assemblies together with a group of Christian Brethren educators worked together to set up the Christian Brethren Education Board (CBEB) to take care of the affairs of the remaining BB Schools. As the years went by, the Anchor Assemblies decided to leave the affairs of BBBS to CBEB members to manage. Without the Anchor Assemblies’ formal participation, CBEB was unsure of its locus standi and authority with regard to managing the schools. In September 2020, CBEB decided to become a formal body, named Christian Brethren Education Board Trust in order to ensure greater sustainability and accountability. CBEBT formally came into being as a trust on 15 May 2021. A Trust Deed was also drawn up by CBMPTB and CBEBT to regulate and formalise the relationship between CBMPTB and CBEBT. This Trust Deed was formally endorsed by both parties on 12 June 2021.

Henceforth, CBEBT took on the mantle of Managing Authority for the BB Mission Schools along with a wider vision of encouraging continuing Christian Brethren involvement in education.

CBEBT Vision

Glorifying God through its pursuit of mission through education

“Nisi Dominus Frustra”   (motto of all BB Schools)

CBEBT Mission

  1. To continue the legacy of Christian Brethren mission through education as passed down by the Christian Brethren missionary pioneers
  2. To restore and pursue the Christian Brethren heritage and vision in education with its emphasis on Christian ethos, character and Christian values
  3. To restore and safeguard Christian Brethren rights and responsibilities in education in the country
  4. To ensure that any land and property entrusted to its care and management are kept in good repair, properly utilized and managed to advance the role of Christian Brethren in the education field through meeting the relevant education and spiritual needs of the evolving community

Current Properties under the management care of CBEBT and related Government and Non- Government Bodies

  1. Bukit Bintang Primary and Secondary Schools
  2. Bukit Bintang Preschool (Star Kids)
  3. Bukit Bintang Education Bhd (BBEB)
  4. CBMPTB Building (CB Education Centre)
  5. Official dealings with the Ministry of Education, Malayan Christian Schools’ Council (MCSC) and the Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCMSM)

CBEBT Trustees:  A minimum of 9 and maximum of 20 members who can be from any Christian Brethren assembly in Malaysia. As at June 2021, there are 15 members, namely

  1. Yap Kok Keong (Chairman)
  2. Chew Phye Keat (Deputy Chairman)
  3. Rodney Tan Chai Whatt (Secretary)
  4. Lee Kok Joo (Assist. Secretary)
  5. Gunaseharan A/L P Subramaniam (Treasurer)
  6. Moey Yoke Lai
  7. Olivia Teoh Kim Chuang
  8. Chan Chiau Khoon
  9. Leong Weng Onn
  10. Chiew Sai Kee
  11. Benny Kong
  12. Stephen Lew Hon Loi
  13. Wong Sai Weng
  14. Jimmy Chok Kwong Hon
  15. Yue Chee Mun

Challenges faced by CBEBT

  1. The struggle to enable Christian Brethren to continue to play a meaningful role in the education of the young of all races through our remaining Mission Schools in the face of adverse Government policies.
  2. The many obstacles which have to be overcome in order to re-acquire the land and buildings for education purposes through which we can have greater control over such as the private mission Preschool (Star Kids) and the CBMPTB Building (CB Education Centre).
  3. The challenging task of promoting a deeper sense of ownership of our Brethren Bukit Bintang Mission Schools among Assemblies in Malaysia
  4. The challenge to maintain all the old school buildings, and the operational and administrative costs involved with the limited resources at CBEBT’s disposal
  5. The challenge to fulfill all the objectives and obligations stipulated in the CBMPTB –CBEBT Trust Deed.    

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Address: Christian Brethren Education Board Trust,

                 c/o  Bangunan CBMPTB. SMK(L) Bukit Bintang, Jalan Utara